SOTD One year celebration!

We are sharing with you this entry so you can get an idea of what we have been sending.

Today we are very happy to celebrate today – our 1 year anniversary of Song of the Day!

 That’s right – I have been sending (some of)you a daily song for a whole year. I have given out +230 songs, given you over +170 original artists/bands (holy crap I didn’t realize I knew that many off the top of my head!)

And you want to know the best part: WE’M JUST GETTING STARTED!

We want to particularly thank the people who write back, even if it’s as simple as to say they liked the tune. The feedback keeps me motivated. I want to thank even more the people who have sent things back – there will continue to be Featured Fridays – so keep those tunes coming.

Let’s get to the music. So I decided to do top 10 artists that I have featured. I redid the list about 65.4 times, spent over an hour (read 3) deciding which artist to include so yes you will all disagree. So the criteria was not top artists of all time, just top 10 I’ve shared so far and that influenced Song of the Day. Top 10 artists of all time I need a vacation to figure out.

So in no particular order:

  1. Miike Snow
    Because it’s the first or second song I sent all of you – easily digestible beginners indie while still being an incredible band
    Previously featured: Black and Blue
    Your song: Silvia Robotech remix
  2. The XX
    Because this band had an influence over an important 6 months of my life
    Previously featured: Crystallized + remake they did of Florence and the Machine
    Your song: VCR original  + a remix done by the Antlers (who should also be on this list!)
  3. The National
    Because this band when it comes to lyrics is my number 1 and expresses in song the inexpressiblePreviously featured: Fake empire, The Geese of Beverly hill, Afraid of everyone, Conversation 16 and Slow Show
    Your song: I give you Cherry Tree (if you don’t get shivers to this song jump in a cold bath) + a special performance of Terrible Love
  4. Arcade Fire
    Because this band made me write a (very short lived) blog and because they were the highlight of Benicassim
    Previously featured: Rebellion, we used to wait, ready to start
    Your song: a wonderful live performance organized by La Blogotheque (a Parisian company that organizers the most amazingly beautiful live acoustic take away shows in public places – recommend watching all of their stuff) + the wilderness downtown (most insane concept for music video – please check it out if you haven’t you will find new respect for this band)
  5. Beach House
    Because this band put a spell on me both times that I saw them live
    Previously featured: Zebra + Toro y moi remix
    Your song: Norway + two (one + two) tracks by The Weeknd inspired by them (strange but interesting)
  6. Menomena
    Because I nearly got kicked out of my apartment when I discovered their new album and shared it with the general neighbourhoodPreviously featured: Dirty Cartoons + Lunchmeat
    Your song: Dirty cartoons (because not enough have listened to the message: go home go home!)
  7. Caribou
    Because no band has done such a hugely drastic and successful reinvention + it is my ringtone + one of the best bands live
    Previously featured: Sun
    Your song: Kaili + Little by Little Radiohead remix
  8. Jonsi
    Possibly the best album of 2010 + only lead singer to get HUGELY BETTER as solo artist + when I discovered it at work I actively jumped around in my desk + this music makes me feel alive
    Previously featured: Ok do + around us
    Your song: Ok do (don’t mess with the best)
  9. Death Cab For Cutie
    Because I have to pay homage to the first band that got me into the alternative scene
    Previously featured: Marching bands of Manhattan
    Your song: What Sarah Said – my favourite song for a while and then I discovered the video – wow (you need to watch this)
  10. Bon Iver
    Because this is the only man that has never failed to put me to sleep since I have encountered him + music for the soul
    Previously featured: Michicant, Skinny love, Re:stacks, blood bank
    Your song: more blogotheque videos of For Emma (read the story behind the album its quite something) + Skinny Love

And all of it in a grooveshark playlist (but don’t miss the bonus material above)

Wow, now that was a post


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