Artist Of the Week!! Episode 1: The Strokes

As of this week we will share with you our artist of the week, what you are going to read is not the story of The Strokes, if you want this, you go on Wikipedia and you read it. Everyday of the week we will share with you our favorites songs from this artist, objective is to get to know them better beyond the usual hit songs.

We have decided to kick this off with The Strokes, this explains you why:

  • Because before they came, in 2001 the indie rock music it’s facing the ugliest low point ever since the eighties, the musical scene was dominated by Linking Park, Staind, Nickelback (!), Blink 182,
  • Because after “Is this it” went big we have seen a multitude of amazing indie rock bands producing great songs and albums: The White Stripes, The Libertines, Franz Ferdinand, Razorlight, Kings of Leon, Black Rebel MotorCycle Club. Not all of them were inspired by the 5 piece from NY and I will never dare to say that no Strokes would mean none of the above, however, in my opinion The Strokes have been in 2001 what The Stone Roses had done in UK more than 10 years before: set the stage for a new generation of young rebellious musician, with guitars at the center of it.
  • Because without The Strokes only God knows if The Liberation would have seen the light of day.
  • Because Julian Casablancas is probably the only rock star left on the planet behaving as such
  • Because every member of the band is a great musician, go listen to their individual albums (Albert Hammond jr. in particular) if you don’t trust me
  • Because in 2002, after only one album they were already headlining the Reading/Leeds festivals
  • Because despite the long list of detractors, accusing the members of being just a bunch of poshy rick kids that went on top of the charts because of the various connection of their fathers, blaming them of not being Rock’n’Roll because they went to schools in the most expensive boarding schools of Switzerland. Honestly? Screw these people. I don’t care about what they say, nobody ever wrote the rules of what background should a real rock’n’roll star have. The Strokes’ music rocks, and this, in my opinion is all what count.

In the playlist:

– Monday: The most famous one => Hard to Explain

– Tuesday: The hidden one => Hawaii

– Wednesday: The cover one => Clampdown (The Clash)

– Thursday: The old one => New York City Cops

– Friday: The new one => Under cover of Darkness

– Saturday: The party one => Last Nite

– Sunday: My favorite one => Is this it


– I’ll try anything once

– The end has no end


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