Artist of the Week!! Episode 2: Adam Green

As usual, if you want the story from Adam Green go on Wikipedia and read it.

Here’s a list of reasons why Adam Green, from New York is the artist of the week for The Liberation by Indie Nation:


  • Because despite not being super famous he has managed to build his own niche of followers spread across the world from NY to UK, from Japan to Germany
  • Because he has reached that rare status where artists have done so many good records, filled with great songs that when you go see them live there’s no chance they can play all the songs you like unless they plan for a 4hours gig
  • Because he can either tour with a band that liberates his animal stage instinct or by himself, solo, with a guitar, when the gig takes place in more intimate venues and the show easily turns into a one man standing musical comedy show
  • Because he has the best deep voice in rock’n’roll since: Mr. Jim Morrison…
  • Because his previous band: The Moldy Peaches were one of the most amazing underground bands of the NY indie rock scene, a never seen before 20yo  boy/girl duo playing guerilla gigs in costumes and singing songs that inspired the Libertines and ended up being Juno’s main movie song
  • Because let’s admit it, he’s a funny guy, his gigs are filled with jokes, he plays and interact with the fans and go check his interview on youtube with Carl Barat
  • Because last time he played in Lausanne he wrote history by screaming at the crowd: “how come you are not French? You speak French but you are not French, you smoke Parisienne but you are not French!” J
  • Because he’s easily approachable and easy going, it’s not rare to catch him having a beer at the venue bar after a concert chatting with fans
  • Because he’s a friend of the Strokes, which were AoW Episode 1, Adam Green toured several time with Julian and co.
  • Because his lyrics are a long list of jokes, ironic catchy phrases and sometimes very very gross J
  • Because giving you only one song per day was too little to get an idea of the skills of this guy that’s why you get a special 15 songs playlist
  • Because he never sold himself to the bigger money that writing more commercial songs could have brought to him but instead he remained true to himself, his indie label (Rough Trade) and his fans, and this, definitely qualifies him as Indie Artist of the Week


The Playlist:

  • Monday: The most famous one => Jessica Simpson
  • Tuesday: The hidden one => Kokomo
  • Wednesday: The cover one => What a Waster (The Libertines)
  • Thursday: The old one => Baby’s Gonna Die Tonight
  • Friday: The new one => Cigarette Burns Forever
  • Saturday: The party one => Morning After Midnight
  • Sunday: My favorite one => Friends of Mine


Bonus: One song from every album:


  • Adam Green: Dance With Me
  • Friends of Mine: Blue Birds
  • Gemstones: Emily
  • Jacket Full of Danger: Party Line
  • Sixes&Sevens: Broadcast Beach
  • Minor Love: Castles and Tassles


  • The Moldy Peaches: Anyone else but you
  • The Moldy Peaches: Who’s got the crack



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