Artist of the Week! Episode 3: Pete Doherty

As usual if you want the artist history go on wikipedia. 

Everybody knows Pete Doherty, even my mum probably, and what do they know about him? That he’s a fucking drug addict, a scum, a shame for UK youth, a bad example, the cocaine addicted who almost ruined Kate Moss’ career that he was in jail, bla bla bla. Now, this is not the Pete Doherty that any indie music fan knows, this is the Pete’s created by the fookin british tabloids to sell more crap and here below you find the real reasons why Pete Doherty is the artist of the week for The Liberation by Indie Nation:

  • because he plays tonight in Geneva at the Victoria Hall (ok this was an easy one)
  • because he created The Libertines and tore them apart and I could stop the list here, but he didn’t stop after them, so I don’t either
  • because The Libs first single got banned from radios because of its lyrics
  • because despite the bookmakers bets he survived the Club of 27 (RIP Amy, good friend of his)
  • because there’s no Rock’n’Roll without Sex and Drugs, and he fully represents a great rock’n’roll mix of the 3 (too much of the latter though sometimes)
  • because very often his gigs end up with a riot or a stage invasion
  • because his lyrics are poetry, many are anthems and we could write a full book quoting the best pieces of them
  • because despite the long list of gigs pulled off and cancelled for mysterious reasons (drug, jail most often) his true fans are waiting for the next occasion to see him
  • because he’s so passionate about music and his followers that he used to give away his new songs for free on the internet
  • because with the Libertines he invented the Guerrilla gig concept: announced on the internet a couple of hours in advance and concert staged in occupied flats or buildings most of the time ended by the Police sirens
  • because when he was 18 he got interviewed while queuing for an OASIS gig and he answered the journalist quoting Umberto Eco (check it out on youtube)
  • because everytime we hear of a Libertines reunion our heart skips a beat
  • because they exchanged covers with Adam Green, our artitst of the week from 7 days ago (What a waster vs. Who’s got the crack)
  • because The Libertines inspired massively The Liberation
  • because his bohemian dress code (hat, second hand burberry rain coat, skinny tie and black dress) became so fashionable thata brand took inspiration from him and made him their main model (The Kooples)
  • because again, with the Libertines, Babyshambles or solo he wrote so many anthems that a 7 songs playlist doesn’t make justice to his career
  • because the Libertines’ arcadian dream is not dead and never will be as long as Pete and Carl are around
  • because despite the reputation he built himself he’s a true artist: a musician, a guitarist, a poet and a painter that doesn’t give a holy fuck about what tabloids/NME/people think about him and this definitely qualifies him as the artist of the week

The Playlist: On GrooveShark

Monday: The most famous one => Fuck Forever
Tuesday: The hidden one => Breck Road Lover
Wednesday: The cover one => Another Girl Another Planet (The Only Ones)
Thursday: The old one => The Good Old Days
Friday: The new one => Last of the english roses
Saturday: The party one => What a waster
Sunday: My favorite one => Can stand me now

The Libertines:
Tell the king
Time for heroes
Don’t look back into the sun
The likely lads
Music when the lights go out

Albion (live)
Beg steal or Borrow
Love you but you are green

Janie Jones
This is for Lovers

Queuing for OASIS
The Libertines Live in Leeds 2010 – Tell the king
Live solo @ Royal Albert Hall 2008: Beg Steal or Borrow

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