Song of the day

Want a hot new indie rock band?

Well I just got the thing for you. Their name is HOWLER and they are from Minnesota. These guys just started up last year with an EP but they are exploding on the alternative scene. They are old school in rock n roll but fresh in age (with the frontman just being 19).  The repeating comment is that they sound (and even slightly look) like The Strokes – upsetting some of the latter’s fans. The fact that the UK label Rough Trade Records flew over to the States to sign them may have also added to this.  Either way I like them. A lot.

Their debut album  – America Give Up – came out just last month and its comes highly recommended by Indie Nation. However I must attest that there are clear fillers between the gems.

Here is their hot single Back of your neck.

Rock ‘n roll people


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