Song of the day

Hello music followers,

Want to keep up with the music trends? Want to drop in a cool name here and there? Well what you are looking for is Grimes. Grimes is entirely made up the brilliant and (as blogs are obsessedly calling) WIERDO Claire Boucher. We love someone a little different. Not just in looks but in SOUND.

This young 23 year old singer and keyboardist herself describes her music as “post-internet”.  She says being brought up with everything at her web-browsing fingertips has caused her to have a wide area of influences. I would agree on two folds on this comment. Both with her music upbringing which I can relate to and the fact that her sound has just about everything in it. Just as the new Justice album (or the new Wild Beasts album) this one is a GROWER. Not hard work as the new Radiohead album (which I still owe a couple of plays) but a second, third lesson kind of grower. Totally digestible.

I hear some Washed out, some Toro Y Moi and whole bunch I can’t place. The words retro darkness comes to mind but I’m probably just talking blab. And even in this specific song some influence from a mutual fan Lykke Li  – who she opened for on her tour last year.

Anyways how bout you just listen to it and tell me what you think.

Here is my favourite single: Vanessa.

By the way she is due to release a full album in March – so keep a look out for it.



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