Artist of the Week Episode 4: Noel Gallagher

Ok, I know a couple of fanatics out there that were waiting for this one since a while, so there you go, mad for it, this week Liberation’s artist of the week: Noel Gallagher and this is why:

  • because the danger of talking about him is that the list could never end
  • because he gained his stage experience as roadie for the Inspiral Carpets
  • because he took over OASIS, won the Brit Pop war of the 90’s and became the biggest influence for many bands that followed
  • because the legend says that when he joined Oasis he had already written most of the first three albums
  • because he had a masterplan in mind, become the biggest band in the world, and he managed to achieve it
  • because he just got the “Godlike Genius Award” from the NME
  • because of Live Forever, Wonderwall, Whatever, If I had a Gun, The Masterplan, should i continue?
  • because he’s a mother fucking arrogant loudmouth with a huge ego (second only to his brother Liam)
  • because let’s admit it, following his verbal dispute with his brother became kind of fun
  • because he never talks with the crowds when playing live, if you go to his gigs you go for the music, who cares what he says in between songs?
  • because he’s the chief
  • because if you give him a guitar and put him on a stage he can go on playing Tunes (capital T) for 6 hours
  • because he collaborated with Paul Weller, The Chemical Brothers, Ian Brown, The Prodigy, Johnny Depp (oh yes), Miles Kane,….
  • because after Oasis split he took his time for his first solo album that went straight at the top of the charts
  • because he has already the second album ready to come out this year
  • because he always says that the best drummer in Oasis was…. him
  • because he has one of the longest list of enemies and detractors in the world and still doesn’t give a f..k
  • because he has created the longest list of insulting nicknames for Liam
  • because one day or the other, for money or not, he will re-form Oasis with his younger brother
  • because he hates Manchester United
  • because he’s a massive Beatles fan
  • because one day he heard an interview of Kurt Cobain saying that he wanted to die, he picked up the guitar and wrote Live Forever, probably the best guitar solo of the nineties
  • because today he’s considered the finest songwriter of his generation and probably the best around in UK today, and this, definitely qualifies him as the artist of the week for The Liberation by Indie Nation

The Playlist: 

  • Monday: The most famous one => Wonderwall
  • Tuesday: The hidden one => Stay Young
  • Wednesday: The cover one => Hey Hey My My (Neil Young)
  • Thursday: The old one => Slide Away
  • Friday: The new one => If I Had a Gun
  • Saturday: The party one => Rock’n’Roll Star
  • Sunday: My favorite one => Supersonic

One per album:

  • Definetly Maybe: Live Forever
  • What’s the Story: don’t look back in Anger
  • Be Here Now: I hope I think I know
  • Standing on the Shoulder of Giants: Go Let it Out
  • Heathen Chemistry: Songbird
  • Don’t Believe the Truth: Lyla
  • Dig Out Your Soul: The Shock of the Lightning

Bonus: B-Sides:

  • Talk Tonight
  • (You’ve got) The Heart of a Star
  • Thank you for the Good Times
  • Half the Word Away
  • Sad Song


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