Song of the day

Hello dear song of the dayers,

Big BIG BIG thank you that everyone who came to support us on Friday. Even with all technical difficulties we played a rather awesome set, had a blast and so enjoyed partying with you. We are busy looking at what else we can get in the pipelines – so watch out for our next night. This time we will do it in Geneva. If you have ideas/connections for venues PLEASE let us know.

So I just cannot get enough of tUnE-yArDs. So much so is that I used it for the opening song. Why? Cause its very effective to open with speech and then heavy drums. And cause the mix of all these genres (can you hear the jazz) and great sounds together is just beyond me. The sound is so rich.

Here is My Country

The worst thing about living a lie, I just wondering when they will find out.

Just be yourself. Just be indie.


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