Ok people,

I have sufficiently abused this tune so that I now know every second of every sound – and I am now ready to share. And it comes from none other than Lana Del Rey.

You may know her from her previous feature on Song of the Day (Blue Jeans), from all the press about her plastic body parts (Angelina is getting antsy about the big lips look), about her rich dad that helped her crack into the music industry, about her ridiculous over glamorous no sense videos (Born to Die – tigers?!? ) or whether her voice is really amazing live or crap.

At the end of the day – I love her album, I love her voice (at least on the album) and I can’t get enough of this hidden gem of a song. Even if it is on the commercial side of indie pop.

So here is Elizabeth. You decide whether you want to love or hate her.


 Let’s hope this does make it on the radio – and dilute the rubbish that is squeeze through that channel


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