Artist of the Week: JET

Ok folks, this week’s Artist of the Week of The Liberation by Indie Nation is strange one, it’s not for somebody who issued a great album or somebody touring next to us, this week is a rather sad one. This week Artist of the Week is JET, the Australian band who just announced its split-up.

Why should a band who just split up be the Artist of the Week? Here’s our list of reasons:

  • Because since 2001 they have been one of the most iconic band of Indie Rock’n’Roll of the beginning of this century
  • Because they are pure rock, massively influenced by the 70s sounds of the Stones and Led Zeppelin
  • Because they have been one of the best live band of the last 10 years
  • Because they come from Oz, and when you come from down there you need to be really good to take over the world
  • Because despite writing only 3 albums in a 10 years careers all of them are filled with great anthems of our generation
  • Because all of their songs are simply great in their acoustic versions
  • Because Nick Cester’s voice was unique
  • Because “Are you gonna be my girl” might be inspired/copied from Iggie Pop but still is one of the best indie rock song ever written
  • Because I’m sure that most of you out there don’t have a fucking clue of what I’m talking about, you surely know “Are you gonna be my girl” but if you really claim yourself as a music lover, please, do me a favor, go listen to all the albums
  • Because they were one of the few bands out there able to swing from power rock songs to ballads and on both styles managed to write amazing songs and this, definitely qualifies them as the Artist of the Week for the Liberation by Indie Nation


JET – Wikipedia

JET Official Website Split-Up Announcement

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