Song of the day

Indie Myth: you are only indie cool if hardly anybody knows you (just the die-hard fans)

Evidence against: The Black Keys


That’s right people. I don’t like Indie for the reason that it makes me feel superior because I can name a 1000 bands you have never heard of and stress how great they are and how can you not know them (ok maybe just a tinnnny winnny little bit – jokes). But I love Indie artists because the MUSIC they produce (note not how they look) is F*CKING awesome. F.u.l.l. s.t.o.p.

And every now and again a great indie band gets noticed by everyone and even gets pumped into the polluted sound wave also known as the radio.

And so let us celebrate when someone sticks to what music should be about and they also get paid for it! Cause guess what – they will invest it back into music. Not a personal gym trainer.

I really am not one of those people who wants to hold onto a band and be the only person to know it. Let’s share the beauty. So here I give you The Black Keys yet again. A highlight of last year for me. I have already give you Lonely Boy.

But this is even better.

Gold on the Ceiling:

After 6 albums they finally found perfection with El Camino

Jam till you drop


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