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The wonderful MIIKE SNOW are finally back. After 3 years of waiting they have finally released their second album. Happy to you (and indeed I am happy).

The Swedish trio is made up of  Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnberd, and Andrew Wyatt. Christian and Pontous (also known as Bloodyshy & Avant) have been working together for very long. They are childhood friends and have played and toured in bands as well as  wrote an album for Britney (!!!). Yes I have decided to look past it.

But in 2007 they added some indie to their pop and some Andrew. And so the snap, crackle and pop of their Rice Krispies like music was upgraded to a much higher level than crisped rice.

Miike Snow self-titled album was a perfect example of easy to digest indie. They proved this when Animal became an instant hit. It’s also why it is always one of the first artists I give out to new comers to song of the day (back in the day when I had separate mailing lists for newbies). You should all remember Black and Blue

So now their second album. It’s still easy to digest although slightly more mature (a second listens helps to fully appreciate the song). Its still catchy. And it’s still very much indie pop.

So enjoy Paddling out.

The video is slightly strange. Just as were the others.


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