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Dear song of the dayers,

Today I give you one of the pillars of Indie music: The Shins. A five piece indie (folk/alterative) rock band from the States. They formed back in 1996 and released three very successful album (especially the last two).

They became popular through their partnership with Modest Mouse (who has already been featured on SOTD – also a forefather of Indie). And their songs have been used on many series, movies and one of their songs (The Past and the Pending) was even chosen for Heath Ledger’s funeral.

The more good news is after quite a long brake they have released a new album Port of Morrow.
It doesn’t have a stand out track like Caring is Creeping but I prefer to call it a mood album (all the songs blend lovely one into another without a clear cut winners and fillers)

Here is my favourite for now It’s only Life


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