Song of the day

Dear Song of the Dayers,

First of all I wish you a happy Easter Break. And to send you off on a good note I give you two little gifts.

Firstly Absynthe Minded. This alternative Belgium band given to me by Dries are not only musically talented but also marketing smart (or at least their manager is).

So first let’s get to the music side. Here is a great song by them: My Heroics, Part One

Its creepy and enchanting and magical all at the same time.

So why they are marketing smart is because they came up with this.
They are trying to grow outside of album and plan ‘world domination’ and needed to find a way to do this in an original way to differentiate themselves from the heavy pollution that is taking place in the music industry (and in other industries as well).

So they thought of new concept. And they attacked one of the biggest polluters: The Radio. Although the importance of this channel is decreasing every day it is still relevant as a significant music provider/educator for the lazy music listeners across many countries. It’s just too bad that the majority of the songs on this channel is horrid and based purely on easy listening vs. encouraging people to appreciate more instrumentally complex and musically talented artists.  

And so the concept is they have designed technology to track when any radio across Europe may play their new single. And if they do, and only when they do. This site will play the music video. Otherwise you can’t watch it (minus the people who have recorded and uploaded on youtube). It’s a really cool idea.

Check it out.

Secondly the other piece of good news is that we will be DJing again at Cirkus – next week Thursday. So block it in your calendar. And check it out on Facebook.

Enjoy the break

Chocolate chuckles to all of you


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