Artist of the Week! Episode 6: Graham Coxon

Ok you bunch of crazy indie rockers, this week’s Liberation’s favorite artist is Graham Coxon, why ? His history speaks for him, but if you are not clear just have a scroll here below :

  • He was the lead guitarist in Blur. Don’t know them ? Go back to Indie Rock 101 please
  • Despite being in one of the biggest band involved in the famous Brit Rock war of the mid 90s he always managed to stay out of it and his reputation came out stronger
  • Because he’s 43 and he’s still a Punk
  • Because he didn’t stop at Blur and built a great  solo career with albums (8 !!) filled of punk and heavy guitar riffs
  • Because he has a new album just out now (A+E) and he’s touring around Europe
  • Because he usually plays most of the instruments on his solo albums
  • Because Freakin’Out is one of the best rock song of the last decade and its simply rowdy
  • Because he wrote « Tender » and « Coffee and TV »
  • Because he worked on the 2006 Football World Cup cover song « Hurry Up Harry » from Sham 69
  • Because Blur split after he quit the band
  • Because he painted and designed most of his album’s covers (13,..)
  • Because he never prostituted himself to commercial music playing on the fact of having been part of Blur but he kept exploring sounds, instruments and music instead, and this, definetly qualifies him as Artist of the Week for the Liberation by Indie Nation

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