Song of the day: No you girls never know, how you make the boys feel

Dear Song of the Dayers,

People say, better late than never. So I give your afternoon song on crazy busy day.

So after the big hype around the Paleo line up – I thought I’d make a fun theme out of it.
I will be giving you a song from each of the great artists featured in the programme until tickets go out (25 April – next week wed) to lure you into attend most of the days. In case you haven’t heard already  – the tickets sell out in about 30 minutes so you very much need to be prepared!

There really are some great artists included and as always I will do my best to convince you to invest into experiencing music live, as this is truly when your appreciation for music and artists is really developed.

Although I must say that Paleo is not your typical, or far from my favourite, festival. The right atmosphere is very much missing and too calm and passionless for my liking. However if I was here (which I unfortunately am not) I would definitely attend most of the days. There is no doubt that it will be a great (although not optimal) concert experience nonetheless.

So without further ado let me start with the first featured great band: Franz Ferdinand.

I assume you will all know them after the many prizes (NME, MTV, BRIT etc) and recognitions they received. But let us not undermine their importance or greatness, and of course that you all have bobbed around to TAKE ME OUT.

Here is: No You Girls

That’s all for now


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