Song of the day: I try to laugh about it

Hello kids,

So we continue with the Paleo featured artist. And now we are onto Tuesday – which is a RIDIC lineup.
There are so many great artist on that this day it really is a NOT TO BE MISSED.

Firstly we start with The Cure. They are an English rock band that started back in 1976.
So in other words they are older than me.
Which by now you may have noticed is usually not falling into my focus of music.

But nonetheless they are a legendary band (or several bands – as they members changed radically of the years) that had a lot of success and influence on music today. They were on the forefront of alternative rock band wave in the 90s. And they also released 13 albums and 10 EPs – which is rather impressive. So let me give you out a song I bet you all know.

Boys Don’t Cry

That’s it for now


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