Song of the day: Don’t need to ask my name to figure out who cool I am

Goooood Monnday Morning,

So hope you have a lovely little groovy weekend. I went to the Cully Jazz festival this weekend, and for any music fans I would recommend it as a MUST for next year.
The cutest most enchanting medieval-feel little town, amazing views of the lake and the vineyards and lively friendly atmosphere with every restaurant, bookshop, hairdresser, bar opening their doors and having free concerts.
I will def be back there next year.

Now getting back to the build-up to Paleo – only 2 more days till tickets are out.
So back to the RIDIC Wednesday line up. Adding to The Cure and Other lives is JUSTICE.
You may remember I travelled to Paris to catch them live in Feb

So it is a given that I am huge fan. And if I could be even a 10th as successful in DJ skills I would be a happy camper.

So here is one of my favourites: DVNO from their debut and iconic album

Don’t need to ask my name, to figure out how cool I am


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