300 Days Celebration – The Ultimate Playlist

Dear song of the dayers,

Today we celebrate 300 days of Song of the Day. And so we double this up with our April Monthly Jam Playlist.

Time does fly by. So over these past 300 days I have given you over 300 songs, over 230 artists, to over 80 of you that are on the mailing list.

But then of course this also gave way to The Liberation by Indie Nation where we now share the songs with many more people over Facebook, Twitter and of course the website.

So over the last few months I have been asked a couple of times for a more convenient way to jam to all the jams I give out every day.

And I was planning on making a playlist, but one of my kindest, most dedicated followers Bernd beat me to it. He put every song I have ever given him (and yes he has been there since day 1) into a Spotify playlist for me.

And so now I can give you the ultimate music gift.

MasMusic’s Song of the Day.  Or here

300 days of tunes.

If you don’t have spotify – download it now. It is by far the most efficient, complete and user friendly music streaming engine out there. And now as it expands its free membership (including Switzerland) to more countries. You really have no excuse.

So enjoy the 21 hours of music.

Your very own music geek.


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