Artist of the Week! Episode 7: Jack White

Alrrrrrright, so, guess who’s the artist of the week? Easy choice for once: Mr. Jack White who just brought back glamorous indie rock’n’roll on top of the UK charts after loooooooooooooong time. He was on our waiting list since a while but we wanted to wait to get his first solo album out before celebrating him with our famous Artist of the Week award, and if you are still wondering why, well. Just have a read at the below:

  • Because he was part of one of the most amazing duos ever seen on the rock scene: The White Stripes, never heard of them? Shame on you
  • Because he created a myth of him and Meg White being married, then brothers, then just partners in crime
  • Because he’s just King Midas, everything he touches turns into gold
  • Because he funded Third Man records in Detroit (then moved to Nashville) and he tries to keep good old rock’n’roll and the myth of vinyl alive (what better claim for a record company in the web era than: Your turntable’s not dead?????)
  • Because those who had the chance to see The White Stripes live will always put the gig on their all time top 5
  • Because on stage with a guitar from the 50’s he manages to sound like a 3 pieces guitars band
  • Because before going solo and after the White Stripes he created the Raconteurs and the Dead Wheater
  • Because he’s one of the most iconic guitarists of our time (in good company with previous artist of the week: Graham Coxon)
  • Because his solo album just topped the UK and US charts
  • Because he’s an old style blues man
  • Because any clip from the White Stripes is a small piece of art
  • Because some years ago, as a true rocker, got involved into a fight and smashed the Von Bondies’ frontman face
  • Because despite no confirmation he’s behind the Electric Six “Danger, High Voltage!” song from 2003
  • Because he’s an artist, as simple as that, he’s a truly lover of blues, rock, analogic recording, vinyls, old guitars and raucous mighty rock’n’roll, and this, definitely qualifies him as the artist of the week for the Liberation by Indie Nation

Third Man Records

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