Song of the day: He sleeps with his eyes open

Dear all,

I found this lovely artist by luck last week and I am rather amazed of how she hid from me.
One watch of this video and  I really was musically ear blown away.
To be fair, she hasn’t been around for that long – she brought an EP Theater Island back in 2010.
And last year a lovely full length album We Sink.

And if you recognize some of the sound she is a member of Seabear who is now also exploring a solo career.

There is no doubt about it she is something special. And what with being Icelandic she does share the sweet and dreamy-strange of Sigur Ros.

So before I waste any more of your time. Here is the incredibly indie and mesmerizing Sóley.

And I’ll Drown – you got to love the Loops in this video


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