Song of the day: Go to Berlin GO!


So after my AMAZING weekend in Berlin I am all alternatived up. This place gets INDIE MUSIC.

I spend Saturday night at Wilde Renate – for all you alternative lovers THIS IS A MUST. It reminded me of my students days spend on Long street in retro, dirty vintage, it’s-cool-to-be-trash clubs.
My favourite of course being Tuesdays at Fiction (with none other than Tommy Gun).

The minute I queued I hated myself for wearing heels at such a place (Geneva is conditioning me!). I was possibly the only tall girl doing so. So I made sure to afro my hair as big as it could and mess my make up a bit. The encourgaing thumbs up from fellow afroers around me reassured me that I looked crazy enough.

But this place was CRAZY – an old run down house with three stories. All filled with mystical fairlights, ivy, 50s couch, dark lighting, burlesque statues, an old bed with red broken mattress, madness everywhere. And then of course the most arty people of your life. This looked like the haunted house where all the vampires loved to party. Upstairs there was a gift from the musical god of a DJ that pumped awesome beats. And the crowd was so friendly and inviting as we hoped around and jointly cheered to the tunes. An accepting environment of difference and weirdness. Just refreshing.

Anyways so back to the music. I found just about the perfect tune to bridge the two latest topic. One Clock Opera (my reobsession from last week) and two Berlin.

Well its none other than one of the fabulous songs on Metronomy’s  The English Rivera Unreleased Remixes album – and yes you guess it its Clock Opera remix of The Bay.

So have a listen and abide by the repeating commands of: Go to Berlin GO! (and while you are it why not Tokyo)

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

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