Song of the day: Tell me about the thing you can’t control

Hi everyone,

What an experience was last night. I hope there were several of you rockers at Caribana Festival last night. I’m going again tonight for Lou Reed (of The Velvet Underground). I have not seen the Swiss crowd so excited in a while. I will write the full review about last night shortly and send to you. But if you can come join in tonight!

For now let’s do Featured Friday in a bit different way – who was featured last night.

I was highly surprise and impressed by Revolver – the Parisian band that was playing at the festival.
I had listened to one of their songs before and they had seemed good.

But I was not ready for just amazing how this band was live. They gave everything and more to the audience last night.
They are a mix of folk, pop, rock, wonderful harmonies, even some Simon & Garfunkel. Yet all three members praise Radiohead as their godly band.

Unfortunately this band is just not the same on the album as they are live. You will never quite get hold of their beauty on the album.
This is why it’s so great to discover bands live.

Here is Let’s Get Together

Enjoy your wet weekend

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

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