Song of the day: Mole do you dream of things you’ll never see?

Hi Music Maniacs,

So today I give you an updated on the hugely talented South African artist I gave you a little while ago. Do you remember Dear Reader? The young charismatic sweetheart Cherilyn (Cheri) who use to be the choir leader in my high school in Johannesburg started touring under the name Harris Tweed with Darryl Torr as her musical companion.  And the first time I heard her professional preform was when she was the opening act for Jose Gonzales tour to Cape Town.

She then after a forced change of name to Dear Reader – due to the Harris Tweed company trying to sue for TM – she wasted no time and concentrated on bringing out the amazing Replace Why With Funny album.
You should remember the Great White Bear single I gave you from that album (as well as the touching video).

Now she has come back end of last year with her latest album Idealistic Animals.
Each song is named by an animal and then followed by a braked description.

My favourite is CAMEL (Not Black or White But Camel) but unfortunately I can’t find it anywhere on youtube – so go check it out on Spotify. So I give you the beautiful Mole (Mole) instead as it also has a great video created by HibOO which it fittingly means Owl in French.

This is my favourite South African artist and I would like her to get all the support she deserves.

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

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