Song of the day: Sax me up

Hello kids,

Let’s continue with the South African artist since we are on a roll. So back when I was at university (UCT), about 19-20 years old, one of my dear friends Sarah often convinced us to drive to the other side of town to watch this new duo at a small bar by the sea front every Thursday night. The gig was for free, the audience was intimate, and the duo jammed one with saxophone, the other with keyboards, mixing board and more of the works.

I particularly remember one of these night, us two being the only people having a little groove on the tiny dance floor to the great jazzy, African music combo. And she told me one our way home that this band was going to be big. And man was she going to be spot on the money.

Their name is GOLDFISH. And they exploded on the music scene. First in South Africa where they headlined everywhere, got residency at all the coolest clubs, sold out huge venues at high ticket costs and packed out every gig. Then they moved on to Ibiza where they got residency at Pacha and also opened for Basement Jaxx, Fatboy Slim, Mr Scruff and many more. This band got HUGE. Not only huge for South African band but huge for international band. And I think it is because they managed to mix so successfully such dynamic, different and powerful sounds in a completely original way.

Well done to Dominic and David. Props guys.

Anyways here is their latest single Get Busy Living



I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

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