Song of the day: We said our dreams would carry us

Hello kids,

I am back from my long and eventful weekend in London. After the paradox that was Roller Disco Friday night and Ascot Glam on Saturday
(although some of the girls were still wearing Roller Disco outfits at Ascot – British gals really like to air themselves out) I went on to enjoy HACKNEY WEEKEND on Sunday.

I had the pleasure of watching Santigold, Ben Howard (who I am also seeing tomorrow at Les Docks), Lana Del Rey and Florence + The Machine all for the total price of 2.50 GBP.
Can you say DEAL!

So let’s start from the beginning – a sample from Santigold.

You may remember that I gave you L.E.S Artistes (if you can’t find it on Spotify it’s because it’s when she was still calling herself SantOgold – why the change of letter not sure)

Anyways she has brought a second album since then – it’s called Master of My Make Believe. With a clear Africanny feel – which she also continued on stage (ghetto dancers, Zebras, and Africa moves).
You can also hear African musical influences (especially in Go!).

Here is Disparate Youth

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

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