R.I.P. Tony Sly: We’ll see you on the outside

Tony Sly, No Use For a Name singer dies at age 41 for undisclosed reasons

Sad day for the lovers of punk rock around the world, No Use for a Name front man Tony Sly died yesterday for undisclosed reasons at age of 41.

The singer joined No Use for a Name in 1989 when he was 18 yo, the band was at the center of the californian punk wave of the nineties, with them he recorded 9 studio album with them before creating a punk acoustic duo with Lagwagon frontman Joey Cape.

News was sadly announced by his long time friend, head of Fat Wreck Records and NoFx front man Fat Mike.

A variety of punk rock bands paid tribute to the singer, The Offspring, The Ataris, Rise Against all joined Fat Mike in tribute of the singer.

RIP Tony, keep on rockin’ in a punk world

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