Song of the day: Our very first interview

Dear Song of the dayers,

Sorry I was M.I.A this week. But I have a present to make up for it.
Indie Nation’s first ever interview full of great tips and tricks for those of you who love music and Geneva. Or who would like to.

Then back to the chat of last week – Bloc Party has now released its second single from upcoming album Four called Day Four.
Now Bloc Party fans if you have had the rumour going around that Kele has hinted it would be their last album – don’t worry.
That’s just the press being dramatic.
I read around and it seems that Kele’s quote was if they hadn’t taken a break after Intimacy in 2008 to pursue other things, their fourth album would have been their last.
But now that they are back they are stronger than ever…and who knows what will happen.

So put down the tissues and wipe away the mascara trail.

And have a listen to Day Four.

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

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