Monthly Jam: A Liberation’s Summer – Paolo’s Tunes!

What is summer without music?
Not the same, we all agree. That’s why for the first time ever we are proposing you our best playlists to keep on rockin’ during this next month of August.

Summer’s fun, summer’s rock.
Enjoy, share, feedback!

Paolo Akka’s Liberation Summer’s Jam

1. The Vaccines: No Hopes – First single from the forthcoming album, sounds great, look forward to the full album!
2. Mystery Jets: Someone Purer – “so deliver me from sin and give me rock and roll” the rest is history
3. Miles Kane: First of my Kind – the young mod new EP is another striking hit
4. The View: Anfield Row – this bunch of scotts knows how to write great R&R songs, over and over again
5. The Enemy: Get up and Dance – what you wanna  during summer rather than getting up and dance?
6. Passion Pit: It’s not my fault, I’m happy – didn’t get all the fuzz about this band till I heard this song
7. Blur: Under the Westway – they are back, as surprising and great as ever
8. Slash: Anastasia – give him a guitar and let him burn the crowds with it
9. Keane: Neon River –  I thought they were dead long ago, they still got something actually
10. Muse: Survival – the song is the most epic-commercial shit ever done, but it’s still the summer of the Olympics right?
11. Alabama Shakes: Hold on – the voice of the summer, definitely
12. Citizens!: True Romance – they might sound like Franz Ferdinand some time, but they rock
13. The Cribs: Chi-Town – you will never confuse their sounds, always the same, always a classic
14. The Enemy: 2 kids – “life is good, better than they say” specially in summer!
15. The Stone Roses: Mersey Paradise –  they are back after almost 20 years, this is a b-side but a fan’s favourite from this summer tour
16. Jack White: Sixteen Saltines – first solo album, filled with Tunes (capital T)
17. Paul Weller: The Dangerous Age – there’s a reason if they call him the mod father 40 years after the Mods
18. The Shins: It’s only life – summer can be slow and romantic, if you like it
19. Ocean Colour Scene: Wah-Wah – Couldn’t find George Harrison original version, Miles Kane comes on stage with this song this summer, simply, great
20. Joe Strummer: Yalla Yalla – post-Clash Mr Strummer continued to deliver greatness

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