Monthly Jam: A Liberation’s Summer – MasMusic’s Tunes!

Dear song of the dayers

As my partner in musical crime rightfully said – what’s summer without music.
So we at Indie Nation are bringing you some summer playlist.
Here is Paolo’s Playlist – And the post all about his songs.

And now here is mine: Summer playlist

  1. Beach House – Myth : This band is going from strength to strength and the last two albums are always iconic summer sounds
  2. Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes : This is my ultimate summer song, happy, sunny, energetic and bouncy
  3. Caribou – Sun: The title says it all
  4. Gold Panda – You: A recent discovery full of sparkles and light
  5. The Drums – Me and The Moon/Clock Opera Remix: Cannot seem to make a playlist without including at least one Clock Opera remix
  6. Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers/The Magician Remix: A hot track a hotter remix with some old school feel
  7. The Naked and the Famous: Punching in a dream – While we long await some new material from this band lets put a classic
  8. Foster the People –  Helena Beat: Pumped up kids was last summer tune but did you ever give the rest of the album a listen
  9. Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You//Crystal Fighters : You mix some Spanish and some French talents and you get electro salsery beats love it
  10. Goldfish – Get Busy Living (ft. Emily Bruce): Because I had to put in a South African touch, do what the title orders you to do
  11. Miike Snow – Paddling Out: On the same level of obsenssion and sound than Passion Pit, Miike Snow is an essential to all playlists
  12. Hot Chip – Flutes: This iconic british band back with another psychedelic electro album, this single being the piece de resistance
  13. Phantogram – Don’t Move: For those days that just get too hot to move all you can do is sway side to side to this one
  14. Juveniles – We Are Young (Sferro Remix): Another new song with an old sound
  15. The Chap – What did we do? : Its all about the album cover art
  16. Vampire Weekend – Run: Some fun indian sounding happy beats from this brilliant band
  17. Lana Del Rey – Radio: This lady knows how to increase the temperature, my fav from her album
  18. Passion Pit – Cry Like A Ghost: After all the ooooying and aaaaahing I did about this band, you knew there was going to be one from this band on here
  19. Default – Django Django: This year’s official summer song from a hot new band
  20. Beirut – Santa Fe : You can hear the sun rays throughout the whole song in the background
  21. Citizens! – Reptile: We need to make sure you have this band on the radar cause they are going to be huge
  22. Delorean – Stay Close: Can you hear the splashing in the sea
  23. Major Lazor – Get Free: This is the mentality you should get into the summer get free, I just want to dream
  24. Toro Y Moi –  Talamak: Started with summer chilled tunes and ending on the same slow down
  25. Desire – Under your spell: To hypnotize you into want more and playing this playlist on repeat

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