Geneva is alive.

So last night, walking back home through the streets of Geneva I heard some beautiful piano notes being played.
As some of you remember I am piano enthusiast. So anyways I was determined to figure out where it came from so I followed my ears.
At first I thought it was an apartment, but after a couple of small streets I got lead straight to Bel Air bus stop in the center of Geneva.
A few months ago for Fete de la musique they had installed a piano that said – play me I am yours – they have kept it there.

Anyways these two guys were there – playing the keys out of that piano. Improvising and going mad. Some old lady clapping enthusiastically in the background.
And it was fantastic. You saw the passion of these guys, you saw how much they enjoyed each other’s contribution.
I have no idea if they even knew each other or just found themselves on that piano bench.
You felt the music just pouring out of them and how happy it made them. And that when you realize the power and the beauty that this magical medium can have.
I must have watched for a good 20 minutes awestruck and it only dawned on me a bit late to record it so I could share it with you.
So here is a short snippet so you can share my amazement and appreciation.

So keep an ear out around Bel Air late at night

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