Song of the day: Pack your bags, let’s go

Dear song of the dayers,

Today I give you something a little different. Her name is Tina Dico and she is a big deal in Denmark.
The singer songwriter has now released eight albums this year, but however it took her collaboration with Zero 7 for me to come across her.

Zero 7 are a British duo that started in studio engineering but later gave us four fantastic albums, as well some fantastic remixes.

Their latest remix of Tina Dico’s Moon to Let has gotten positive attention reporting Zero 7 success in taking a happy ballady Coldplay kinda of easily digestible song,
and turned into something spectacular. I can do nothing else but agree. If I had listened only to the original I would have never given it a second lesson,
however I cannot stop playing the remix.

As they so beautifully merge electro/dub step with a ballad it was compared to the Boyz Noize Remix of Feist’s My Moon My Man (you may remember the Grizzly Bear Remix I gave you last week).

Anyways enough talking, get listening. The breaking point is at about 2:24 – that is some hot stuff.

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

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