Song of the day: It’s in the blood

Hello kids,

So I have to send a HUGE thank you for everyone who attended The Liberation night. Check out the photos here. It was a big hit, the place was packed and the talent scout loved it. We also got approach by another bar owner who is keen to have us there. So let’s see how it all goes but we will be offering you some new cool events around Geneva. All WIP.

So let’s match that positivity with another positive song. The band is HAIM. Which is the family name of the three sisters.  Who also claim their influences coming from “Mama and Papa Haim” on their Facebook Page. So talk about a musical family.

So the girls have only just started but they have already received a lot of positive feedback for their first EP Forever. Here is the leading single, Forever:

You got to love this vintage video, so many great moments. Especially around 2:40.
But I would also recommend you check out this acoustic video of Go Slow. You’ll see what the fuss is about. The girls got something.

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

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