Song of the day: A trio of brilliance

Hello kids,

So I will not lie that I am quite excited for the Radiohead concert tonight. I still have one spare ticket so shout if you want it. So give me a shout if you decide not the miss what will be the best concert ever.

But not only is Radiohead playing tonight, which is already quite a lot to handle. But also FOUR TET and CARIBOU. Both amazing bands.

Today let’s talk about Caribou. So Dan Snaith has been around since the early 2000 creating some undeniably catchy electro beats. However it was first under the name Manitoba, but then after a little trademark issues he renamed it to Caribou. The sound he had been producing had been pretty consistent and appreciated by critics.

But then after an already highly successful launch of Andorra in 2007, Caribou came back in 2010 to blow everyone out of the water. The album is called Swim, and musically drench my ears in this melodic liquid and frog about it in it I did. In my opinion top 3 album of 2010. And I don’t say that lightly.

And then I saw the whole ensemble (Dan has some friends with him now) live here at L’Usine about two years ago and I was blown away. The beauty of the album is all the intricate instrumental sounds that make this album so memorable. However you do hear a clear DJesk sound to it so I was scared a lot of the sound would be prerecorded since it is so highly rhythmically and instrumentally complex and that takes some serious concentration to perform it live. So all the artist stood in circle and I saw them bang those strange and wonderful instruments to create the most intricately beautiful melodies. Just an amazing performance.

I have already given you Odessa so here is Kaili

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

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