Monthly Jam: September Liberation Selection

… and then summer is over, we go back to school or work, rain is back into our lives (but in Geneva it kind of always does…) and all the beaches, seas of this world are only souvenirs.

How to cope with it? Very very simple: the medicine is called Rock’n’Roll, so here you go: the Liberation September Monthly Jam, enjoy it, like it, dislike it, rock it or destroy it in any case get ready for this Friday, are you ready to rock Geneva again? See you @Cirkus bar!

Click here to listen to Supersonik’s Monthly Jam on Spotify: The Liberation September Jam

  1. Band of Horses: Knock Knock –  new great album from the american combo, a bit softer than in the past, still worth several listen
  2. The View: AB (We need treatment) –  I simply love these scottish guys, album after album, song after song, only classic tunes
  3. The Black Keys: Little Black Submarines – Ok, it’s not really new, but as usual the clip is great and it’s a little hidden gem from their latest chef d’oeuvre “El Camino”
  4. The Temper Trap: Trembling Hands – I already admitted my late discovery of this band, I love them!
  5. Two Door Cinema Club: Sleep Alone – it was a great month of September, filled with great new albums, this was definitely one of them
  6. Tame Impala: Elephant – second album from this psychedelic hypno-groove melodic rock music band (That’s how they define their music…), the play live in Lausanne @Les Docks on October 27th, a no miss date in your agendas!
  7. The Killers: Runaways – They are currently centuries away from the majestic sound of Glamorous Indie Rock’n’Roll or Mr Brightside, still this single is worth a listen, not sure about the rest of the album
  8. Paul Weller: The Dangerous Age –  I cannot stop listening to the latest album of the modfather!
  9. The Vaccines: Teenage Icon – I had to choose only one song but if I could I would have put the whole album: WHAT A RECORD!! Buy it, download it, steal it but listen to it!!!
  10. Mumford & Sons: I Will Wait – and how many people out there were waiting for this one? Personally not a big fan of this new folk wave but this single is a must listen this month
  11. Stereophonics: Nothing compares 2 you – specially dedicated to a couple of good old friends of mine that got married this week-end, what and unforgettable day!
  12. Suede: Trash – a bit of good old brit-rock to save us from the decadence of today’s music
  13. Blur: M.O.R – they did an amazing come-back gig to close the olympics at hide park, any fan should download Parklive, this is a Graham Coxon guitar loaded version of an old song, long live to these guys
  14. Fun.: We are young – How many time did we hear this song this summer? A great souvenir of summer 2012 while we go toward the rain season
  15. NoFx: 72 Hookers – “When everyone is getting blowjobs that’s when we’ll finally have world peace” that’s poetry, respect
  16. MUSE: Plug in Baby – I was desperate to put my favorite song from their latest album 2nd Law, as I couldn’t find any decent one, I give you my all time favorite from them. Best solo intro ever! 
  17. Radiohead: The Daily Mail – what a gig out there in the woods of St Triphon! (despite all the logistical fuck-up) this was in free dwld, get it!
  18. Green Day: Who wrote Holden Caulfield? – one last song to wish Bille Joe to get better soon, latest album is shit, therefore here you go with a song from 1992 before they got famous and commercial

Stay young & invincible

See u next month


and for this month, to continue feeling a bit of summers’ breeze in the hairs, directly brought to you from Zanzibar where the slow, steady rhythm of reggae beats continuously, from sunrise to long after sunset. The east coast is a hot-spot for ‘culture places’: locally run beach bungalows and bars that offer a chance to escape the hype and get back to your roots. When in Zanzibar, check out a reggae party and immerse yourself in a little culture…

Rastaman vibrations gonna cover the earth! Like the water cover the sea – Bob Marley

Ale Playlist of the week – Rastaman vibrations

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