Monthly Jam October: Panic in the streets of London!

Here we go guys, the Liberation Monthly Jam of October. Who loves autumn? Snow not on the mountains yet, summer’s over, nothing left to stay at home and listen to some good indie Rock’n’Roll.

In case you don’t know what to listen to, here’s our recommendation!

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  1. Howler – Told you once: this album is definitely one of the best of 2012 so far, this song is pure R&R
  2. Twin Atlantic –  Yes I was drunk: me too, and still i like it when the guitar are that rusty
  3. The View – Lean on my world: you might be tired of hearing me saying this, but the more I listen to “Cheeky for a reason” the more I find songs I love
  4. Adam Green/Binki Shapiro: after The Moldy Peaches Adam Green embarks on a new duo project with the voice from Little Joy, results cannot be bad right?
  5. Tame Impala: Feels like we only go backwards: in concert next Saturday in Lausanne, got your tickets yet
  6. John Lennon – I know (I know): from time to time is good the go back to the roots of the master
  7. Twisted Wheel – Ride: i thought that had split after a great first album, i discovered recently their 2nd one, by far not as good as the debut work, still a couple of good songs like this one
  8. The Clash – Tommy Gun: when I need some punk I always turn my ears to Mr Strummer
  9. CITIZENS! – Let’s go all the way: they remind me of early Franz Ferdinand with something else that I cannot still identify, meet them this thursday at L’Usine to discover them!
  10. The Smiths – Panic: classic Morrissey’s lyrics, classic Marr’s melodies = one of my favorites from the Smiths
  11. The Killers – From here on out: after last months I’ve received several critics about my comments on the Killers album, i stand with what i said, crappy album but I found another listenable song at least 🙂
  12. Kodaline – All I want: some quiet music from time to time can make it in my playlist as well….
  13. Jake Bugg – Taste It: this guy’s apparently the new MilesKane/NoelGallagher/JohnLennon, quite a benchmark for an 18 years old boy, let’s give him some time, debut album is rather good!
  14. Bob Dylan – Roll On John: good old Bob dedicates one song to his old friend John Lennon: “Shine your light, move it on, you burn so bright, roll on John”

See you next month, in the meanwhile: keep on rockin in a free world! (who said this?) 🙂 first right answers wins a brand new Liberation t-shirt.


4 thoughts on “Monthly Jam October: Panic in the streets of London!

  1. The quote is by Neil Young, I believe. And think it’s “Keep on rocking in THE free world”, but I could be wrong.

    I’m a size medium ☺


  2. Hi Pablo, you are the Winner!!! I will contact you via email to get your details 🙂

    Chris, I’m sorry but you got 2nd place, as you had it right as well for this time you get a tshirt as well 🙂


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