Song of the day: Do you have Legs Like Tree Trunks?

Hello kids,

Sorry for the late post, we are still recovering from last night’s awesome CITIZENS! concert. We will be bringing you a review shortly so I won’t ruin it but let’s just say it was a great way to celebrate one year of LIBERATION!

Now onto today, as you know its Featured Friday and actually we have a very special feature. It’s our first official band promotion request. Actually no, there was someone else who approached us, but let’s say they wouldn’t have liked my review. And my mommy always said, if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it (she didn’t actually say that, but apparently that’s what moms say).

Anywho, the lovely Matt from mathy indie rock band Legs Like Tree Trunks all the way from Pennsylvania, wrote to us to check out his music and see if we like it. And so I’ve been doing a good 2 weeks digestion and I can tell you they are rather freaking awesome.  They just finished a new record with producer Karl Petersen and its it’s called Future Reference. So just like me you can hear the whole thing on their bandcamp or they are even so kind as to let you download it here for free (how nice is that)! There have a guitar dominated sound (which they sometimes even play in piano type role) with a beautiful lucid drawn out voice connecting each song from start to finish, and I heard different band influences on each song.

On my favourite Snowflake there’s a little Arctic Monkey meets Vampire Weekend and towards the end there’s even Friendly Fires. But let’s stop comparing there are their own band after all with their own sound. I love the repeated guitar sessions and there’s something very raw and whining about the vocals in a good kinda raw and whining way (yes that actually exists). And you can’t help and sway from side to side when they sing do you remember when the moon fell through the sky followed by some aaaahhhing and ooooying and some great clapping. And that contrast between distinct erratic guitar but fluid feel makes it a lovely little single which ends with and added electro-space feel.

So why don’t I just shut up and you listen to it.

So let’s wish them the best as they are busy negotiating with labels and hopefully we will hear more from them soon. Also if you like them, Matt’s younger brother is in an excellent band from Philadelphia called Little Pirouettes. They just released an EP called Weed Debts and although with their individual sound, let’s say you can hear they are related.  They are going on tour together in January.

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

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