song of the day: I couldn’t kill to save a life

Hello kids,

So let me wake you up this Monday morning with something quite controversial.

Her name is Amanda (sometimes Fucking) Palmer (and sometimes The Grand Theft Orchestra). You may have heard of her with reference to being part of The Dresden Dolls duo, or Evelyn Evelyn, or her controversial Oasis song, I Kissed a Girl skit, or her use of Kickstarter to raise significant amount of money, to then inviting artists to come on stage and be her supporting act for free wherever she went, not paying them cause she doesn’t have enough money, giving statements of where all the Kickstarter went, then somehow finding money to pay the artists when people boooooed.

So yes. You may have heard her name, somewhere.

The point is, whether I love or hate the drama around her. There is this song, which has power and then some.

Here is The Killing Type.

The official video is really disturbing (I can’t do blood or gore) so I don’t recommend seeing it unless you are made of steel or want to get into the Halloween spirit.

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

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