Monthly Jam November: Killing in the Name of

How are you guys? Getting ready for Xmas? While we are closing the ballots for the traditional Liberation Xmas Playlist we need to close rainy november first, therefore, as usual, please see here below our monthly recommendation from the best of indie rock music new and old.

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  • The Good life – Your Share of Men – US Band, very existential lyrics: The more that you know is the less that you trust, You should learn to let go
  • Simon & Garfunkel – Bleecker Street – For the fools that think that folk rock was invented by Mumford & Sons, this where it all started, in NY, in the 60s (or even earlier with Mr. Zimmermann?)
  • Jake Bugg – Two Fingers – Second month in a row that the young fella manages to stay in our playlist, this is another single, another TUNE for the winter, definitely a keeper!
  • Little Comets – Post Time – There are many songs in the latest album form the Newcastle trio that could belong to this playlist, sorry I had to choose one!
  • The 1975 – Sex – There must be something about Manchester that enables band to pop-up and write enjoyable rock tunes, we will hear again about this nice bunch of rockin’ lads 
  • Palma Violet – Best of Friends – UK’s next big thing share with the Libertines’ the label (Rough TRade) and the background: both coming out of artistic-squat-environment in London and starting with Guerrilla gig, this single is catchy, we are waiting for the album with high expectations! 
  • The Rolling Stones – Doom and Gloom – call it dinos-rock, they are still up here at 70 writing classic after classic with the most prolific hit machine: Keith-Mick. Shows are too expensive? Let’s enjoy them on record then
  • Noel Gallagher – Freaky Teath – Apparently this should have gone on the 2nd album that was apparently already written, as it has been (apparently) delayed I give you this little pearl, one of fans favorite from the recen never ending tour
  • Chris Cornell – Doesn’t Remind Me (Live Acoustic) – from Chris Cornell unplugged album that he brought around Europe last summer (touching Montreux as well), this is an Audioslave’s gem, when you have the voice….
  • Maniac Street Preachers – You Love Us – the brit rock moment of the month, from their debut album Generation Terrorists from 1992, the welsh hit is actually aging pretty week
  • Titus Andronicus – Ecce Homo – 3rd studio album for the New Jersey indie punk band that changed more members than Oasis with the drummers, in my opinion it’s probably their finest work so far
  • Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name – this month, 20 years ago 4 guys from California from LA merged rap with punk, one hell of a front man (Zack de la Rocha), a uniquely skilled guitarist (Tom Morello) and the rest, as we say, is history 
  • Coldplay – Yellow (Live 2012) – you know the band, you know the song, but this version is simply sublime for their first hit
  • Guns N’Roses – November Rain – The legend of the song says that it was inspired by Geneva fall weather, jokes apart, I couldn’t finish the November playlist with something different!!
  • Hey Hey My My Rock’n’Roll will never die, enjoy!


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