MasMusic is back

So it’s been a month but I’m back! And boy do I have things to share with you.

The first good news is do not fear, as promised I will be starting up Song of the Day again. So for all of those of you who felt daily music deprivization (yes that’s now officially a word) – your easy fix is back on the roll. Just sign up to the blog by email and I’ll be back in your inbox.

Secondly the great news as I now have my very own site. I will use this site to continue what I have been doing for the past two years as well as share with you my journey of cracking into the music industry. You can read more about what the blog aims to do here.

On a side note, can we talk about the effort of setting up a blog. I am now officially colour blind from going through every single WordPress theme, colour, background combination. So please just love it and accept it. Firstly because I can no longer differentiate brown from blue and secondly because 36.7 times is about the maximum you can ask a patient freelancer in Pakistan to change a logo.

Thirdly, I have loads to share with you from my month of madness. Who ever thought being unemployed was a holiday is not a hyper bunny like me. Things have not stopped since I quit and I have loads of exciting news (including a great trip to London and a possible new band! to tell you all about).

But one thing at time. Let me start with your tune which I have been dying to give out since I got my ear on it. And which included last weekend in my DJ set and will most probably play again next Thursday at this event (which I have a feeling will be our best event to date so don’t miss it).

And I’ll spill the rest of the news slowly.

So without further ado, here is Ra Ra Riot‘s new single Beta Love

Oh just get up on your desk, dance around and try reach that high note (which obviously is not humanly possible!).
Come on you know you want to.

Hope to see you all at the XX concert in Lausanne tonight.

Living the dream

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