Highly Recommended – GANGS: Ireland Indie Scene Strikes Back!!

Definition of Gangs:  There is no universally agreed-upon definition of “gang”. Gang, youth gang and street gang are terms widely and often interchangeably used in mainstream coverage. Reference to gangs often implies youth gangs. In some cases, youth gangs are distinguished from other types of gangs; how youth is defined may vary as well.

This is the story of 4 young irish lads with a passion for music and the skills to write and play great rock’n’roll tunes inspired by the tunes of the 80s: The Smiths or The Cure revised with a fresh spirit of contemporary indie rock and massive presence of guitars.
This is the story of GANGS, an Indie band born 5 months ago in Dublin, Ireland. ‘GANGS came to life with a clear plan in mind: to revive the Gang ethic, the comradery, image and spirit which has been removed from the core of modern rock band.
They forged their gangs spirit and character with a solid live stage experience from little pubs to bigger venues of the irish capital and they have just released today Monday, December 3rd their first single  “Down Boy”. A high pace guitar led song that claims its place within the recently born new wave of guitar-indie of the Vaccines, Pond or Palma Violets.
Their weapon: a guitar-based indie rock with energetic melodies (and lyrics with resonance and truth). “Killer Silhouette” is potentially even better than the first single with its mind addicting guitar riff and a catchy refrain that stick to your heads during the day. “Blue Sky Thundering” is more melodic, with a crescendo that reaches its peak with a powerful final chorus. Rock music is easy when you have a singer that dominates his vocal “instrument” going very easily high and low and a guitar support that marries perfectly with words and express its mastery during the multiple solos and riffs.
 GANGS of Dublin
To mark the most important week so far in their young career they will be opening for Palma Violets (Britain’s next big thing) @ The Bruxelles Bar in Dublin tomorrow on December 4th. Not bad for an independent unsigned band.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Listen and download their first 3 song demo here: http://soundcloud.com/gangsofficial
WATCH OUT: Abuse can create addiction
Ah, sorry, I forgot, they are all around 17 years old. That’s maybe why sometime, some gangs are different from other gangs; some young bands are better than other bands despite their young age and in the end how youth is defined may vary as well. As long as you know how to pen catchy riffs and lyrics.
Hey Hey My My Rock’n’Roll Will Never Die

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