Song of the day: She just likes to fight


I will pretend to share the pain and sadness that the first day of the week brings with all of you, but I am sorry to say (not) that it no longer feels the same way. Anyways  enough with the snarky comments, I will still be here to relieve the pain with a wonderful tune.

So I realized that although I have mentioned this artist a few times I never actually gave him out. So let me fix that mistake nice and fast. His stage name is Four Tet (real life Kieran Hebden), and he plays mainly instrumental, post-rock, electro music. But as you dedicated followers should know, I am starting to appreciate this genre more and more. He also does WONDERFUL remixes of other artists songs (Radiohead, The XX, Explosions in the Sky which he sounds very similar to).

This is a beautiful relaxing tune that will let you mellow out and enter the week in a warm calm kinda way,

It’s called She Just Likes To Fight

I can’t in any way relate to that.


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