Song of the day: In your eyes, babe

Hello there kids,

Yes well I’m sorry this is late, but now that I no longer have the routine of a 9 to 5 job the song of the day will need to come at all unpredictable time of the day. No longer can I do reliable morning delivery. But hey it will keep you guessing when the joy will arrive. So that’s positive too right?

Anyways so following yesterday’s trend of bands I assumed I would have covered by now but realize with shock horror that I am yet to cover is Tallest Man on Earth. Now although Kristian Matsson is dangerously close to what people could call country sounding music (and we all know I hate country), he falls firmly on the folk side (and we love folk). He also toured with Bon Iver which obviously gives him a non negotiable YES PLEASE. And he is Swedish, and we all know the Swedes are just simply awesome at Indie (Miike Snow, Lykke Li, Jose Gonzales).

The special thing about Tallest Man on Earth is just how incredibly linked and intertwined his voice and his guitar are. He is famous for writing, producing and recoding most of his songs all by himself. So go Kristian!

Here is the famous and charming The Gardener,

Now isn’t that pretty.


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