Song of the day: You lift me up dancing

Hello music lovers,

Well let’s continue on with the theme of bands I should have covered by now, are also bands that I probably should have heard of. I just fell upon this lovely songs by the Van She from Australia. Looks like the band has been happily releasing albums since 2005 and been associated with some pretty big names (such as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) as well as have done plenty of remixes. Yet well this song is the first I catch of them.

The electropop synth filled tune caught my ear, so here it is: Idea of Happiness

I’m all for the male g-string Jesus looking protagonist, so much so that I’ll forgive him (difficulty) for replacing a curly-haired brunette for a blonde bimbo (it was a tough call really). She does have an eye patch after all. And shops at Spar. That’s juts not right.


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