Gimme Some Truth: 32nd John Lennon death’s anniversary

John Lennon

32 years ago John Lennon was shot to death in front of the Dakota building in Manhattan New York, next to the Central Park.

Why did it happen, how did it happen we will never know. History tells us that very often the truth is a very rare and precious commodity. There are multiple theories of what happened that 8th of December 1980. It’s a truth that we will never know.

What we all know is what we have lost since John Lennon’s departure: songs and words he would have written to tell the world his  opinions and his view of the truth.

So many event happened that would have raised John Lennon’s critical interest happened in the last 32 years, politically, socially and technologically. What he would have said we will never know.

Another thing we know is that he would have asked for some truth out there, and this, 32 years after he left us and a couple of weeks away from the end of 2012 is what we would wish everybody for 2013.

Give Us Some Truth

RIP John

PS. If you have some curiosity and some time to read some revisionary opinion about what happened on that 8th of December I would recommend this book and website where the author explains how in his opinion Stephen King (yes, the writer) killed John Lennon: “The truth about John Lennon’s murder” by Steve Lightfoot

Hey Hey My My, John Lennon’s music will never die


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