Thank you for the Good Times: MasMusic goes to London

I don’t know how many ideas in life we talk over the years with friends and most of the time these ideas never see the light of day. Then rarely you chat with the right idea with the right people and these ideas come to life. This is what happened more than a year ago when we met with MasMusic to discuss our idea of reviving Geneva music scene by organizing indie rock nights and creating a blog to express our passion for indie rock music.

That’s why today, it’s with very mixed feeling that we see MasMusic stepping away from the Liberation to take on a much bigger and bolder challenge of working full time in the music business and moving to London to start a new career in artist management. We are on one side very happy for her and the opportunities she has in front of her, we are happy to have had a minor role in nurturing her passion for music. On the other side we are sad to see her leave us as she has been a major player of the project and we would never be where we are today (wherever we are) without her passion, leadership and crazy courage to push us to do more.

That being said we will never really allow her to quit Indie Nation completely as she will remain an honorary member of the Liberation and be our “Guest” star directly from London on our DJing events. We would like to take the chance to thank her for all of her contributions. Song of the Day and more will continue on her new blog where you will be able to follow the adventures of our dear MasMusic while she takes up the challenge of taking over London (music-wise at least) and we encourage you to follow her new blog in parallel to ours.

Somebody much wiser than us once said that when a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream. That’s what we would like to wish to MasMusic, to help us keep on rockin’ in a free world by discovering and bringing to life new bands and new sounds.

Thank you for the good times.

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