“You can’t always get what you want” – The Rolling Stones Top 10 ballads


Hello Hello

what’s  new out there?  As it looks like the rock world is getting ready for xmas we wanted to celebrate the Rolling Stones for their recent 50th year birthday with a new Top 10 of their best ballads (in our opinion). As usual feedbacks and suggestions are more than welcome!

In a recent interview Keef Richard rumored a possible tour for next year (2013) among it a hugely awaited headliner slot at next Glastonbury festival… lucky the once who got tickets for it!

Anyway, here we go, The Liberation’s preferred ballads from the Stones:

  1. Ruby Tuesday
  2. Out of time
  3. You got the silver
  4. As tears go by
  5. The Streets of Love
  6. Angie
  7. Wild Horses
  8. Shine a Light
  9. Lady Jane
  10. You can’t always get what you want

Listen here to: The Rolling Stone Top 10 Ballads Spotify Playlist!

“Everyone talks about rock these days; the problem is they forget about the roll” – Keith Richards


Hey Hey, My My, Mick&Keef will never die…


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