“This is curtains for you” Mr. 2012 and “Plug in Baby” 2013

Ok, today it’s curtains for you Mr. 2012.
We survived armageddon and we are still here talking about rock’n’roll. What will we keep from this year musically speaking? The british olympics ceremonies reminded the world how important is UK for the history of music. The Stone Roses came back and it looked like they had never disappeared 15ish years ago. 2pac got resuscitated with an 3D hologram. Kasabian and Noel Gallagher’s never ending tour took over stadiums all around the world. There was no Glastonbury and we definitely missed it. The Rolling Stones showed the world that you can still rock when you have 50 years of career behind you and more than 70 on your shoulders. We saw many great albums (see our top 10 selection of the best albums of 2012), loads of great songs (listen here to our selection of the top 20 songs of 2012).
But I’m sure that we all agree that the biggest moment in music history for 2012 has been the creation of the Liberation Night when we started DJing around swiss-french region spinning indie rock tunes!
The Liberation @ Romandie - Lausanne
Am I wrong? What was your best musical moment of 2012? Share it with us!
Now the tricky question, what should we listen at 00.00 in order to properly kick-off this 2013?
The discussion in our team has been long and painful on what to recommend and we have therefore agreed to disagree 🙂
We would like to wish you a great 2013 with rock in your hearts, indie in your minds and Plug in Baby from MUSE in your stereos. One of the best solos ever pinned to plug into 2013 with the right attitude and mindset.
What will be playing in your stereos at midnight?
Have a great party folks.
Hey Hey, My My, keep on rocking in a free world in 2013 together with the Liberation.

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