Music is Power! Which bands will release records in 2013?

And now we turn the page, the period of the charts and summaries of 2012 is over and we look forward to 2013! While you are still trying to kick out of your body that last whisky or bottle of champagne is time to look forward to the year that is coming. While you agree on what you will achieve this year (which festival to go this summer, which instrument to learn playing, to record a new album if you are in a band) @ the Liberation we have looked around to see which bands will be releasing albums in 2013. Some of the records from the below list have already been announced, some others are rumors only at this stage and finally, some might exist only in our sick indie dreams and will never see the light of the day.
If you are aware of anything that we missed please shout, we will be very happy to update this list!
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo” is from 2010, their new album is due soon in the first half of the year and we can’t wait for it!
  • The Strokes – probably the most expected album of the year (at least here at the Liberation), they are in studio, they are working together again, let’s focus on music this time ok guys?
  • Stereophonics – “Graffiti on the train” the 8th studio album will be released in the first week of March
  • Adam Green – our 31 year old friend is now in a duo with Binki Shapiro (Little Joy) their first self-titled work will be out on January 25th
  • Pure Love – Their first song “Bury my Bones” almost made it to our top 20 of 2012, we have high expectations for their first album!
  • Queens of the stone age – Dave Grohl should be back at the drums and the album “Ultraviolet Robots” should be out this year
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Karen O and company should release their 4th studio album this year, we missed them a lot in the last 4 years!
  • MGMT – Their 3rd album should be out this year and we all hope it will be closer to the first rather than the 2nd….
  • Arcade Fire – rumors say that they are working to release their new album late 2013, fingers crossed
  • Glasvegas – “Later… When The TV Turns To Static” their 3rd studio album should be out early 2013
  • Palma Violets – UK’s next big thing of 2012 their debut album “180” should be out in February
  • 1975 – “Sex” was one of our favorite songs of this last year, please please please be the album be as good as that song
  • The Black Keys – “el Camino” from 2011 was one of the best albums of the last decade, they have committed to releasing their 7th studio album in 2013 (yes, 7th, you knew that El Camino wasn’t the 2nd right?)
  • Richard Ashcroft – Captain Rock should be back with a solo album after the RPA project, can he beat “Keys to the World” his 3rd and last solo work?
  • The Stone Roses – “Second coming” came in 1994, since then they released several compilations and best of, almost 20 years later 2013 should be THE year of their 3rd studio work
  • Peter Doherty – the 2nd solo album should be out this year, we have heard many of the new songs during his last gigs and they sounded really good, the guy can write and we knew it, can he behave for long enough to record anything?
  • Suede – 10 years after “A New Morning” we are still hungry for brit-pop
  • Primal Scream – Bobby Gillespie said it will be a very Primal Scream record, well, that’s more than good enough for us
  • Beady Eye – Big Mouth Liam says that their next album will beat anything he worked on before. He likes to put the bar high but we would like to believe him!
  • Arctic Monkeys – the new album will sound more like “Humbug” or like “Suck it and See”? we hope and vote for the 2nd option…
  • Franz Ferdinand – please go back to your roots and let us forget that “Tonight: Franz Ferdinand” ever existed!
  • Miles Kane – the Mod-Son is writing music with the Mod-Father (Paul Weller), result can only be amazing in theory. Bring it on!
Hopes and Dreams:
  • Paolo Nutini – c’mon dude, go in a studio and record some new tracks!
  • Mando Diao – time for a new album guys, the unplugged was great but now we want something new!
  • The Libertines – ok ok ok, it’s a dream, one day Pete&Carl will write songs together again, not sure it will happen in 2013 but dreaming is for free right?
  • JET – they split last year therefore a new album is today impossible but if we could ask the Gods of Indie Rock for only one album next year it would definitely be something from the Cester brother from Oz
  • Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – first he said that the 2nd album was ready for release last year already, then he delayed it because of his extensive world tour, last thing we heard is that might have been cancelled as he was not happy of the collaboration with Amorphus Androgynus and he might have scrapped everything. Whatever, we will be waiting for him. Impatiently.
  • Razorlight – New album yes, new album no. Do they still exist? Johnny Borrell, if you read this please update us!
Hey Hey My My, 2013 will rock hard

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