R.I.P Claude Nobs, Thank you for the good times. Now you’re singing with the stars


This is a sad day for music around the world and for the swiss french area in particular. In a region where Music and Rock’n’Roll often fail finding its place Claude Nobs managed to establish over 4 decades one of the major summer festival, world famous but with its unique style and line-up.

Claude Nobs, founder of Montreux Jazz Festival in 1967 died today aged 76 after having been in a coma since having a ski accident around Christmas day. The official Montreux Jazz Festival website gave the news today: “Cher Claude, Dear Claude”

He brought to the shores of the Lake Leman the finest of the best music artist that toured in the last 40 years.

The Liberation is close to Claude Nobs’ family and friends and the whole Montreux Jazz organization recognizing his major role in bringing rock’n’roll this side of the alps.

“Smoke on the Water” from Deep Purple was born in Montreux thanks to Mr Nobs work and engagement, God only knows how many artistic idea have seen the light of the day during his festival. We can only thank him for all the good moment he has offered The Liberation in the past 15 years.

Rest in peace Claude, we are sure that you are up there in a very good company with many of the artists you brought to Montreux in the past 45 years. Thank you for the good times Claude. You’ll be missed

Hey Hey, My My, some days are sadder than others



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